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Manning_500Among football’s greatest players of all time, there is one record-breaking quarterback that has forever changed the game: Peyton Manning. As the 2014 NFL season began, many questioned Manning’s ability to live up to the remarkable year of football he produced in 2013 that feature multiple league records, such as seven touchdowns in a game and the fastest quarterback to reach 60,000 passing yards, but after five weeks of play, it’s clear the Broncos quarterback’s glory days are not a thing of the past.

On Sunday, October 5th during a Denver Broncos 41-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Peyton Manning threw his 500th career touchdown pass, becoming just the second quarterback in NFL history to reach such as feat and the fastest to do so in just 244 games. To close out the Broncos’ opening drive of the game, Julius Thomas caught a 7-yard scoring pass with just under 5 minutes left in the first quarter to mark Peyton Manning’s 500th career touchdown pass. With the completion of that touchdown pass, Manning further solidified his place in football, as he completed an epic performance by posting a career-high of 479 yards in a single-game and tying Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino for most career 400-yard games with 13.

Manning_5001To put Manning’s 500 touchdown milestone in perspective, the quarterback has posted more touchdown passes alone than Joe Namath, Troy Aikman, and Roger Staubach combined for a total of 491. As compared to an entire NFL franchise’s lineage of quarterbacks, it took 36 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks 28 seasons to match Manning’s 500 touchdown passes in 16 years. Additionally, four NFL teams, including the Panthers, Ravens, Texans, and Jaguars, still haven’t even recorded 400 touchdown passes in all of franchise history. For quarterbacks trailing Peyton Manning in career touchdown passes, like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, it would take them years to reach the elusive 500 club and requires no drop in their current performance.

At a total of 503 touchdown passes, Peyton Manning now sits second on the all-time list to Brett Favre with 508. Unlike Favre, who reached the 500 mark near the end of his dreadful final season in the NFL, Manning is still one of the best performers at quarterback and at the top of his game. Therefore, playing the way he is, Peyton Manning will dethrone Favre for the top spot on the NFL’s list of top touchdown passing quarterbacks in no time as he looks to lead the Broncos to another successful season.

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