Peyton Manning Furthers Legacy with NFL All-Time Passing Touchdowns Record

FA-ManningTDRecordJust when his NFL career seemed to be approaching its end after multiple neck surgeries, Fanatics Authentic exclusive athlete Peyton Manning defied all odds to not only return to the NFL, but to do so and build an almost untouchable legacy. Since arriving in Denver, Manning has broken almost every NFL record for a quarterback, and on Sunday night, he wrote his name in football history once again as the league’s all-time passing touchdowns leader. Overcoming Brett Favre and his legendary NFL record for 508 career passing touchdowns, Manning took the number one spot on the list of top NFL passing touchdown leaders with a total of 510 passing touchdowns.

During the Denver Broncos’ 42-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on October 19th, Peyton Manning tied Favre’s NFL record with his 508th touchdown pass and then went on to break it. Late in the second quarter, Manning became the all-time NFL passing touchdowns leader with a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas. As Manning surpassed the NFL career passing touchdown record, he also achieved the historic feat in just 246 regular season starts compared to the 302 it took Favre.

Peyton Manning entered the Sunday night match-up at only two touchdowns behind Brett Favre’s record and completed four touchdown passes to set the record-breaking mark at 510. Before his record-breaking pass, Manning recorded number 507 with a scoring pass to Emmanuel Sanders and went on to tie the NFL record with a 39-yard completion to Wes Welker. With three minutes and nine seconds remaining in the first half, the record-breaker went to Demaryius Thomas to give the Broncos a 21-3 lead that eventually resulted in a win.


Following Manning’s historic touchdown pass, Sanders, Thomas, and Welker tossed the milestone football around in a game of keep-away before letting Manning hold the iconic ball before it would head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After completing one more scoring pass to Thomas in the third quarter, Manning put the new NFL record at 510 career passing touchdowns. At his career 510 passing touchdowns, Peyton Manning is a colossal 135 passes ahead Drew Brees, who is the next active quarterback on the leader board at 374 scoring passes for his career. For the indefinite future, this record is Peyton Manning’s alone and sets the league’s quarterback standards at new heights. Peyton Manning is projected to reach north of 600 career passing touchdowns before he hangs up his cleats for the last time, which is an unfathomable number in league standings.

Regardless of Peyton Manning’s collection of prestigious NFL records, just one more significant record still remains in sight: Brett Favre’s NFL career passing yards record which stands at 71,838 career passing yards. Although Manning was 5,344 yards back before Denver’s game against San Francisco, the Broncos quarterback is projected to break the record before his eventual retirement if he can remain healthy and consistent into the 2015 NFL season. With over 40 individual NFL records, Peyton Manning is among the greatest ever to play the game and write his name in sports history as he chases his next feat.

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