Kris Bryant Emerges As MLB Dynamo


Young gun Kris Bryant is a new, fresh face that’s starting to take the MLB by storm, specifically the Chicago Cubs. Does this energetic 23 year old have what it takes to be the one to lead the Cubs to a long awaited shot at the World Series? Perhaps, but where this guy came from and how he got to the top is something to know.

Bryant is a Las Vegas, Nevada native that began to make his move in baseball at the University of San Diego. In 2013 Kris won the Dick Howser Trophy and the Golden Spikes Award as the best amateur baseball player. Bryant was then drafted in 2013 draft as the second overall pick to the Chicago Cubs. During his time in the Chicago Cubs minor league organization, Bryant was quickly named Minor League player of the year and rapidly rose through the ranking of minor league ball. Unlike most baseball players, Bryant shot right to the top of the system, finding himself in AAA in no time. The Cubs knew what they had in their back pocket and quick took action. Ranked as the number one prospect in baseball by Baseball America before the 2015 season, Kris Bryant knows his way around the baseball diamond and opposing teams know this.

Although he plays third base, Bryant is a powerful hitter with the stats to prove it. In the 67 games that he’s played in his first year in the Bigs, Bryant has a 275 batting average with 10 homeruns, 43 RBI, 41 runs and 68 hits. That’s huge! To come from the minors and break through so quickly in such a powerful fashion means something great will come from this newcomer’s career.  Having just five months under his Big League belt, Bryant has plenty of time and talent left in his career. But does this third baseman have what it takes to take Chicago’s beloved cubbies at least a few months closer to October this year or will the Cubs fall to pieces just when it counts?

Year after year it seems as though the Chicago Cubs might just have it going for them. But time and time again, the Cubs fall short with no hope of playoff beards in their future. With a skilled defensive player standing 6’5, it seems as though the Cubs might have found a viable solution to their lack of victories. It may only be June and it may just be coincidence, but for the first time in a decent while, the Cubs are not ranked last in their National League division, a feat that Cub fans can celebrate as of now.

Perhaps young Kris Bryant and experienced Anthony Rizzo will be able to lead the Cubs someplace all Chicago fans have dreamed of. Fingers crossed as Bryant continues to make his way to the top, one swing at a time.

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