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Kris Bryant Emerges As MLB Dynamo
A-Rod Hits 3,000!
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The Legend of Number 42 – Remembering Jackie Robinson
Fanatics Authentic Game Used Memorabilia
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Baseball Writers Elect Remarkable Class of 2015 to the Hall of Fame
San Diego Padres – From Worst to First?
2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants Collection
The San Francisco Giants are 2014 World Series Champions!

Kris Bryant Emerges As MLB Dynamo


Young gun Kris Bryant is a new, fresh face that’s starting to take the MLB by storm, specifically the Chicago Cubs. Does this energetic 23 year old have what it takes to be the one to lead the Cubs to a long awaited shot at the World Series? Perhaps, but where this guy came from and how he got to the top is something to know.

Bryant is a Las Vegas, Nevada native that began to make his move in baseball at the University of San Diego. In 2013 Kris won the Dick Howser Trophy and the Golden Spikes Award as the best amateur baseball player. Bryant was then drafted in 2013 draft as the second overall pick to the Chicago Cubs. During his time in the Chicago Cubs minor league organization, Bryant was quickly named Minor League player of the year and rapidly rose through the ranking of minor league ball. Unlike most baseball players, Bryant shot right to the top of the system, finding himself in AAA in no time. The Cubs knew what they had in their back pocket and quick took action. Ranked as the number one prospect in baseball by Baseball America before the 2015 season, Kris Bryant knows his way around the baseball diamond and opposing teams know this.

Although he plays third base, Bryant is a powerful hitter with the stats to prove it. In the 67 games that he’s played in his first year in the Bigs, Bryant has a 275 batting average with 10 homeruns, 43 RBI, 41 runs and 68 hits. That’s huge! To come from the minors and break through so quickly in such a powerful fashion means something great will come from this newcomer’s career.  Having just five months under his Big League belt, Bryant has plenty of time and talent left in his career. But does this third baseman have what it takes to take Chicago’s beloved cubbies at least a few months closer to October this year or will the Cubs fall to pieces just when it counts?

Year after year it seems as though the Chicago Cubs might just have it going for them. But time and time again, the Cubs fall short with no hope of playoff beards in their future. With a skilled defensive player standing 6’5, it seems as though the Cubs might have found a viable solution to their lack of victories. It may only be June and it may just be coincidence, but for the first time in a decent while, the Cubs are not ranked last in their National League division, a feat that Cub fans can celebrate as of now.

Perhaps young Kris Bryant and experienced Anthony Rizzo will be able to lead the Cubs someplace all Chicago fans have dreamed of. Fingers crossed as Bryant continues to make his way to the top, one swing at a time.

A-Rod Hits 3,000!


Formerly known for his record-breaking accomplishments and success,  New York Yankees‘ Alex Rodriguez was once dubbed an MLB icon alone, but he’s also become very familiar with scandal over his twenty year career. On June 19th, 2015 Alex Rodriguez added to his lengthy resume and became the 29th player in baseball history to record 3,000 career hits. Reaching a feat that is something every major leaguer dreams of is an incredible accomplishment and puts the third base power hitter among several all-time greats, but it is also something that the baseball world is torn over.

This controversy didn’t emerge over Rodriguez’s skill, but instead, it comes over the fact that not all of those 3,000 hits were “legal”. After being suspended for a season, A-Rod is back and trying to prove his talent to the world without steroids. He served his punishment, ended the use of performance enhancing drugs, and returned to the field legally, but with a vengeance. Since his return, Alex Rodriguez has been racking up home runs like they’re base hits and relentlessly proving his talent. Despite his steroid-free success, spectators would like to take away his prestige for earning 3,000 hits. Many have question if a player who “cheated” his way to the top should be allowed to keep his statistics. Some critics have even suggested the idea of placing an asterisk next to the accomplishment to signal that his record came partially from the notorious Steroid Era. That would also that any other player who used PEDs and were among the best would also have some of their accomplishments stripped of merit and downplayed, including many all-time greats, such as Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire.


Although some MLB fans and players may think this 3,000 record is entirely a fraud and needs to be removed or altered in order to be fair, America’s favorite pastime has had many different periods through its history and has grown with the nation. The Steroid Era is one of these periods. It was an upsetting time for millions of baseball fans, but once trials took place and punishments were had, the MLB organization cracked down on PED use and things improved greatly on the diamond. Moving forward, there hadn’t been a steroid controversy as large as A-Rod’s for nearly a decade, but when it hit, there was a massive wave of disappointment, anger, and confusion for MLB fans everywhere. Time has passed, a punishment and fine were implemented, and Rodriguez was welcomed back to baseball. While he wasn’t given a warm welcome from the majority of the baseball world, A-Rod took the right steps to change his ways and made his come back doing the one thing he knows best. The past cannot be changed and baseball fans can only accept A-Rod’s return, 3,000 career hits and all. While cheating is not being promoted, the large looming question is, will A-Rod be remembered as a league great or a disdained cheater, despite his clear talent? Only time will tell if the MLB keeps his stats as is, but  100% yes, Alex Rodriguez should be memorialized as a talent that many could not touch, with or without steroid.

There is no denying that A-Rod makes it look easy every time he steps up to the plate, and his 3,000th his was no exception. Rodriguez’s 3,000 hit soared into the stands, showing this player has an undeniable gift. With form that is close to perfection and a swing that any other MLB player would for, truly make A-Rod a power player. These aren’t things steroids create, they are the raw skill he possesses that cannot be taken away or downplayed. Alex Rodriguez is talented without a doubt and maybe it’s time to accept his taken and skill that were previously overshadowed by controversy.

The Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular Returns to Boston


Fanatics Authentic is heading back to Boston, Massachusetts on June 5th for the second time and will bring over 40 prominent athletes along for three days of events. At the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular in Boston, the Royal Plaza Trade Center is scheduled to host a variety of New England sports icons and the biggest names from all major leagues to provide fans with the rare chance to meet some of their favorite athletes.

From Friday June 5th until Sunday June 7th, the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular will give Boston area sports fans a weekend of family fun that includes autograph sessions with future superstars, champions, and Hall of Famers. In addition to headliners, David Ortiz, Dan Marino, Malcolm Butler, and Pedro Martinez, the Boston show features an impressive lineup of athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. In honor of the show opening, there will be roll back pricing for “Today’s Stars at Yesterday’s Prices” with discounts on autographs from  Steve Grogan and Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd on Friday night. On Saturday, June 6th, Fanatics Authentic will honor the 40th Anniversary of the 1975 Red Sox with appearances by more than 15 former Boston stars, including Carlton Fisk, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans, Jim Rice, and more. Fans of all loyalties can get closer than ever to some of their most idolized athletes, ranging from the second overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft Marcus Mariota to the legendary Bo Jackson, at the Fanatics Authentic show courtesy of many exclusive signing sessions and photo opportunities all weekend long.


The Boston show caters to a wide range of sports fans and collectors by offering a diverse assortment of ticket options. General admission is free of charge for the entire weekend and every person in attendance will receive a raffle ticket to enter to win a deluxe framed Tom Brady jersey with a value of $1,500. For serious collectors and the most die-hard fans, there is an all-inclusive $99 VIP package, which includes an express line pass to cut autograph lines, early admission that allows entry 30 minutes before the show each day, tickets for an autograph and inscription from Gaylord Perry, one random autograph ticket, and raffle tickets. Tickets for athlete autographs, special inscriptions, and photo-ops are available for athletes in attendance and can be purchased at different price points depending on each player. For $10 each, items signed at the Boston show can also be certified authentic by the Fanatics Authentic and will be fully backed by our authenticity guarantee.

For more information regarding the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular in June, visit the show website, here.

The Legend of Number 42 – Remembering Jackie Robinson

JackieRobinsonMythical baseball icons like Babe Ruth and Willie Mays may be credited as some of the greatest MLB players to ever take the field, only one athlete changed the course of America’s pastime; none other than the legend, Jackie Robinson. Remembered as a courageous sports hero, Robinson challenged the world, persevered through an unthinkable amount of controversy, and broke baseball’s color barrier during the height of United States civil unrest. The former Brooklyn Dodgers star not only reshaped the game of baseball forever, but provided MLB fans with some of the most incredible moments the field has ever witnessed.

After completing a historic college sports career at UCLA, becoming the first athlete to win varsity letters in four sports, Jackie Robinson spent several years playing professional baseball across the country in the Negro Leagues. In a famous discussion with Brooklyn Dodgers president, Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player to sign with an MLB team in over half a century and began his journey in the Minor Leagues. Despite the many challenges posed by racial segregation in the Minors, Robinson continued to chase his dreams and finally got his shot in the Majors in 1947.

Although he faced endless racial slurs and ample disrespect from across the MLB, including players, managers, and fans, the Brooklyn Dodgers newest star would not let his critics affect his play on the field. Robinson capped off an extraordinary rookie season at first base with 175 hits for a .297 batting average and a league leading 29 stolen bases. Those spectacular numbers at the plate and stellar play in the infield earned Jackie Robinson the Rookie of the Year Award for the 1947 MLB season, as well as a top five finish in MVP voting.

Following his second-to-none rookie campaign, Jackie Robinson continued to dominate the baseball diamond and his best seasons were yet to come. The 1949 MLB season marked the year in which Robinson would take his game from above-average to legendary. In his third year as a member of the Dodgers, MLB’s first African American player since the 1800’s topped the league at the plate with a .342 batting average and a career high of 37 stolen bases. That season’s National League MVP reached the 200 hit milestone for the only season of the Brooklyn hero’s decade of play and was named to his first of six consecutive Major League Baseball All-Star Games.

Throughout his ten seasons of Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson led the Brooklyn Dodgers to six world championship appearances and finally took home a ring at the1955 World Series. The Dodgers second baseman also consistently led the league statistically in just about every MLB season during his career. Regardless of his extensive list of MLB achievements, Jackie Robinson’s most important feat from his entire illustrious career was successfully breaking baseball’s color barrier in 1947. Becoming the first African American player in the Major Leagues since 1880, Robinson faced a country full of critics at the peak of racial tension in the United States and fearlessly took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Jackie Robinson paved the way for many of the most outstanding players in all of baseball history to create their legacies in Major League Baseball. Without the determination and courage of Jackie Robinson, the game of baseball would not be what it is today. In honor of his contributions to sports history, Jackie Robinson’s famous #42 was universally retired by all Major League Baseball franchises for the rest of time and became the first professional athlete to receive such a high honor. As a man that completely reformed baseball forever, Jackie Robinson live on as a sports legacy for bringing a diverse group of people together to share their common love for the game.

Fanatics Authentic Game Used Memorabilia

MoGameusedbaseballAutographed sports collectibles are a great way to commemorate a beloved athlete or preserve fond sports memories, but there’s nothing quite like game used sports memorabilia to get close to your favorite athlete. These one of a kind sports collectibles are items that are used or worn during a game, allowing sports fans to bring home a piece of the action and preserve unforgettable sports moments. Game used memorabilia ranges across a variety of sports collectibles, from a jersey worn by a player in a game, a piece of equipment like a football used during an NFL game, or a hat worn by an MLB player in the outfield.

FAGameWornIn an effort to bring sports fans and collectors authentic game used collectibles that they can trust are genuine, Fanatics Authentic developed exclusive relationships with various players and professional sports teams to receive these pieces right out of play. By working directly with these teams and players, Fanatics Authentic is able to serve as a first-party authenticator for all of its game used collectibles. With a system that requires a representative to witness the use of every piece of game used memorabilia, Fanatics Authentic is able to diligently document the authenticity of each item. Whether it be on the field or in the locker room, Fanatics Authentic representatives remove each item from play to certify with its exclusive authentication hologram and a unique alpha-numeric combination. Sports fans can use this code to reference their collectibles at any time in the massive Fanatics Authentic Verification database to prove its authenticity and get background information on the item.

In addition to game used memorabilia, Fanatics Authentic offers other similar, but more affordable sports collectibles that allow fans and collectors to own their very own piece of the action. Practice-used jerseys and equipment brings fans items that touched their favorite athletes’ hands, but are at a slightly lower price because they weren’t featured in an official game. Game-issued collectibles, which are items designated to be used in play or worn during a game, like a kicking football issued for a specific game that wasn’t used, are also a great addition to any sports collection. Player issued and team issued memorabilia are also very uncommon and valuable sports collectibles that include items that were not actually used in a game but were selected for a certain player or team and may or may not feature an athlete’s name or number, in addition to the team name or logo.

On the sports memorabilia market, game used collectibles are much fewer in number than typical sports collectibles, like signed jerseys and autographed balls, which makes them even more valuable. With only a limited number of items used by players in a specific game, and even less that are sold to the public, game used memorabilia is very rare. For example, a Peyton Manning signed jersey already holds a high worth, ranging from $600-$1,200, but a Peyton Manning autographed game-used jersey values more of $10,000 to $15,000. Since buying game used collectibles is an investment that has the ability to acquire a large amount of value over time, it is vital to take every precaution to ensure that these collectibles are authentic. Therefore, purchasing game used memorabilia is an asset to any sports collection and must be done so according the tips below.

MarteGameUsedBatTips for Buying Game Used Collectibles:

  • Buy Based on Athlete – Game worn or used items from sports heroes, such as Derek Jeter, or Hall of Famers, like Joe Montana and Michael Jordan, are valued most due to their legacy.
  • Invest in Potential Breakout Players – The biggest financial returns in sports memorabilia occur when an athlete’s autograph is affordable because they have yet to break onto the professional sports scene and then drastically increases in value when that player skyrockets to fame. For example, Malcolm Butler signed collectibles weren’t nearly as valuable before his game-winning interception at Super Bowl XLIX as they are now.
  • Look for Items from a Significant Event – Items used during the Super Bowl, World Series, All-Star Game, or game in which an Athlete reached a milestone are even more valuable.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is a Necessity – Fraud is a major problem in sports memorabilia and can be an even bigger issue when shopping for game used collectibles. Therefore, documentation from a reputable authenticator is of absolute importance when purchasing game used items.
  • Choose a Reputable Retailer – Many work exclusively with athletes and teams to guarantee the authenticity of each piece with a certification system that pulls collectibles directly from play and documents its use.
  • Shop Smart – Although it may seem like common sense, game used collectibles should not look brand new or untouched and if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Get Educated – Knowing the habits of an athlete, as well as details about a player’s uniforms and equipment are simple ways to avoid being scammed. Athletes always wear a specific size in their uniform and typically have brands they represent consistently.

Top Sports Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day 2015 will be the best ever for a special sports fan in your life if you use our gift guide that outlines the best gift for him and top gifts for sports fans. Rather than typical Valentine’s Day gifts, like chocolate and roses, authentic sports collectibles are a truly one-of-a-kind holiday gift that a sports fan can cherish forever. By browsing the wide assortment of autographed sports merchandise for items that commemorate all of their favorite players and teams, you’re sure to find an amazing gift for your Valentine. Whether you’re shopping for the casual spectator or a die-hard fan, sports memorabilia from our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for sports fans provides unique gift ideas that will excite anyone.

Best Sports Gift for Valentine’s Day:

1. Signed Photos – Autographed sports photos capture remarkable moments from throughout an athlete’s career and allows fans to relive every amazing play forever. With images that feature the best memories in sports history, including incredible plays and championship celebrations, you can make Valentine’s Day unforgettable by giving a special sports fan a present that will truly pass the test of time. Be sure to browse the In Focus and Film Strip product lines to give the ultimate sports fan a unique gift that is the perfect dedication to their favorite athlete.

2. Autographed Baseballs – A signed baseball is a traditional piece of sports memorabilia that celebrates some of the most iconic players from all generations of America’s favorite pastime. Hit a home run on Valentine’s Day by shopping for a baseballs autographed by an MLB fan’s childhood hero, like Cal Ripken Jr. and Derek Jeter, or favorite stars, such as 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner.

3. Autographed Jerseys – There are few things closer to a sports fan’s heart than the teams they root for. With a signed jersey you can show your loyalty on Valentine’s Day by giving your love one a piece of sports memorabilia that truly honor their favorite teams and players. Don’t forget to create a present as special as your relationship by adding a customized frame to display the autographed jersey in a man cave or sports bar.

4. Display Cases – Provide your Valentine’s most prized sports collectibles protection to last a lifetime or support a collector’s beloved hobby with a display case as a gift this holiday to preserve the quality of their favorite possessions forever. A display case proves that your love will stand the test of time and is a must-have for anyone with cherished piece of sports memorabilia.

5. Signed Mini Helmets – NFL fans live for the excitement of each season and after an unforgettable year of play that named the New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs, you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a mini helmet signed by the game’s biggest stars, such as Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. Give the sports fan you love an autographed football mini helmet this holiday to bring back all of their favorite NFL moments and can be easily displayed in any office or bedroom.


Baseball Writers Elect Remarkable Class of 2015 to the Hall of Fame

PedroMartinez_HOFThe ballots have been counted and the Baseball Writers’ Association of America has elected yet another incredible class to players to the Baseball Hall of Fame for 2015. The Hall of Fame Class of 2015 features class will include two members of the 3,000 Strikeout Club, a member of the elusive 3,000 Hit Club, and a former player that recorded an amazing 300 wins.

Standing just under six feet tall and weighing a around 170 pounds during his glory days, Pedro Martinez served as a living reminder that big things can come in small packages. Throughout his memorable career, Martinez wrote his name in MLB history as one of the most powerful pitchers of all time. Playing with five franchises throughout his 18 seasons in the MLB, Martinez is best remember for spending his prime with the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. In addition to winning an astounding three Cy Young Awards in only four years and leading the league in ERA five times, the Hall of Fame’s newest member was a crucial member of the 2004 Boston Red Sox team that broke the Curse of Bambino and brought Boston its first World Series in over 80 years.

Widely regarded as one of the most versatile players in Major League history Craig Biggio was lifelong member of the Houston Astros and made a career out of making clutch hits while preventing them in the field. The retired infielder holds numerous Astros franchise records, including runs, hits, doubles, and games played. The seven-time All-Star racked up 3,060 hits throughout his career and won four Gold Glove Awards, but his true claim to fame in Houston is bringing the Astros their first ever National League pennant.

JohnSmoltzHOFFew pitchers in baseball history have had as much success on the mound as the legendary John Smoltz. The long-time member of the Atlanta Braves is the only MLB player ever to record over 200 wins and 150 saves. The do-it-all man on the mound headlined the Braves bullpen throughout his tenure in Atlanta and led the franchise to an incredible five National League pennants, as well as a 1995 World Series victory. Throughout his extraordinary 21 seasons in the League, Smoltz was an eight-time All-Star that took home the 1996 National League Cy Young Award and became the 16th member of the 3,000 strikeout club.

When Randy Johnson wasn’t intimidating batters with his commanding 6’10” stature, he was doing it with his trademark fast balls. “The Big Unit” spent three decades playing in the major leagues and earned ten MLB All-Star Game appearances while playing for the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks. Ranking second all-time in the MLB for strikeouts with 4,875, Johnson is one of just a few pitchers to ever win more than 300 career games. While collecting an outstanding five Cy Young Awards, Randy Johnson wrote history for the Diamondbacks and led Arizona to its first and only World Series Championship.

All of the Baseball’s newest Hall of Fame members took the game to new heights during their playing days and will always be celebrated as some of the most premier athletes of all-time. Congratulate the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 and commemorate some of the best MLB players in baseball history forever by shopping the unique selection of 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame memorabilia with each MLB legend’s autograph.

San Diego Padres – From Worst to First?

padresplaque For nearly a decade, the National League West has crowned one of three teams as division champion: the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona Diamondbacks. Absent from this list is the little brother of Southern California professional baseball teams, the San Diego Padres. Overshadowed for years by their high payroll neighbors the Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers, the Padres have yet to win a playoff series since 1998. However, San Diego has made major moves this offseason to bolster its roster and restore relevance to the once great Padres franchise. In a matter of weeks, the Padres made the changes necessary to assemble an entirely new outfield in hopes of taking home their first division title since 2006.

Outfielder Matt Kemp has solidified his name as one of the most talented players of the 2010 class. The former member of the Los Angeles Dodgers will make his new home in San Diego where he seeks his third MLB All-Star Game appearance and will bring the Padres lineup much needed power. In 2011, Kemp put together one of the best individual seasons imaginable, leading the National League in runs, RBIs, and homeruns. The 30-30 Club member is only 30 years old and will surely provide an abundance of quality at-bats for San Diego in 2015.

In a surprising swap with Tampa Bay, the Padres acquired 2013 Rookie of the Year Wil Myers. Myers was a third round pick in 2009 MLB Draft that made his Major League debut for the Rays in 2013. The North Carolina native made an immediate impact for Tampa Bay, capping off his rookie campaign with 53 RBIs in only 88 games. As he is only 24 years old, San Diego is counting on Myers to be the face of the franchise and supply a reliable bat towards the top of the lineup for years to come.

Most recently, San Diego locked up MLB All-Star Justin Upton from the Atlanta Braves. Upton only spent two seasons with the Braves after he spent several years on the west coast making a name for himself with the Arizona Diamondbacks. In Arizona, Upton was named an MLB All-Star twice and took home the first of his two Silver Slugger Awards. Known for being a five-tool player, Upton brings a variety of on-field talents to Southern California and provides protection in the Padres lineup for the newly acquired Myers and Kemp.

Entering the 2015 MLB season, the San Diego Padres will provide baseball fans with an entirely new roster of stars to root for and a huge threat in the NL west. Don’t forget to join the SoCal baseball club on their journey to finally bring home a division championship in 2015 and show your support for the upcoming team with authentic San Diego Padres memorabilia.

2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants Collection


After another thrilling season of baseball, fans witnessed the legends of the game finish out their career, heartbreaking upsets that crushed playoff hopes, and the emergence of a new MLB dynasty with the San Francisco Giants winning their third Fall Classic in the last five years. Although the 2014 World Series title has been claimed and baseball is in the midst of the off-season, memories of the San Francisco Giants’ championship win will not be soon forgotten.

En route to winning their third World Series championship in five seasons, the Giants managed to earn a Wild Card spot and take down the Pirates, Nationals, Cardinals, and then end the Royals’ Cinderella story for the title. During the long and trying championship series, San Francisco finally closed out Kansas City with a 3-2 victory courtesy of pitching ace Madison Bumgarner in Game 7. Bumgarner was named 2014 World Series MVP for leading the Giants to the win, pitching five flawless innings and two outs in the final inning.

As baseball’s newest dynasty, collectors should look to add sports memorabilia signed by the World Series champions to their collection before these Giants players’ autographs skyrocket in value. Meanwhile, Giants fans can commemorate their team’s biggest win yet and honor their favorite players with unique 2104 World Series memorabilia. Check out some of the best-selling San Francisco Giants memorabilia from the Fanatics Authentic Exclusive 2014 World Series Championship collection, below!

  • Madison Bumgarner Autographed 2014 World Series Last Out Photo


  • Pablo Sandoval Autographed World Series Baseball


  • San Francisco Giants Dynasty Plague


  • Signed Madison Bumgarner World Series Jerseybumgarnerjersey
  • Bruce Bochy Signed Three-Time World Series Champs Ball


  • Autographed Madison Bumgarner World Series Spotlight Photo


  • Limited Edition 2014 World Series Champions Collage


  • San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Baseball Display Case


  • Buster Posey Autographed Bat with 2014 World Series Champs Inscription


  • Madison Bumgarner Signed World Series Trophy Photo


  • Madison Bumgarner Signed Baseball with 2014 World Series Champs Inscription


  • Autographed Madison Bumgarner World Series MVP Jersey


  • Signed Buster Posey Photos with 2014 World Series Champions Inscription

poseywsphotoTo shop the entire 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants memorabilia collection, click here.

The San Francisco Giants are 2014 World Series Champions!

fa-2014wschampsAlthough it was the first time in almost 30 years that the Royals reached the championship, there would be no Cinderella ending to the 2014 World Series. The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 crushing their high hopes of ending their championship drought and taking home their third championship in five seasons.

Despite being named top dog in the MLB once again, the Giants journey to the World Series was not an easy one. After getting off to a hot start, the Giants saw themselves lose ground in the NL West standings around the midway point of the season. Their cross-state rival Los Angeles Dodgers team quickly emerged as the immediate favorite to win the division and possibly the pennant with a loaded pitching staff highlighted by Cy Young candidate Clayton Kershaw.

As the season progressed and the Dodgers continued as favorites for the title, the San Francisco Giants did what they do best; win when it matters most. San Francisco won 14 games in the month of September to secure one of the two NL Wild Card spots. The Giants handed the Pittsburgh Pirates an 8-0 beating in the Wild Card play-in game to earn a best-of-five match-up against the Washington Nationals. Winning against the Nationals would not be nearly as easy as beating the Pirates, considering all three of the Giants’ NLDS victories were only by one run. Sealing a series win over Washington, San Francisco advanced to yet another National League Championship Series against the consistently dominant St. Louis Cardinals. During what seemed like it would be a tight series surprisingly ended in only five games, capped off by a Game Five Travis Ishikawa walk-off home run.

fa-wsbumgarnerNext up for the Giants was a World Series match-up against the Kansas City Royals, a team that had not seen the championship, let alone the postseason, since 1985. After six hard fought games that saw both blowout victories and crushing defeats, San Francisco and Kansas City would require seven games to determine a champion. Starting pitcher Tim Hudson was pulled from the game before completing two innings on the mound, causing the Giants bullpen to have to carry the weight of the team if they wanted to be crowned champions. Luckily for San Francisco, they had a man on their pitching staff by the name of Madison Bumgarner who was ready to win his team a World Series off of only two days rest. The Giants ace was spectacular in Game Seven, pitching five flawless innings of two hit baseball. Bumgarner got Kansas City pitcher Salvador Perez to pop up with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, sealing the 2014 World Series in the name of the San Francisco Giants.

Celebrate the Giants 2014 World Series win forever and preserve baseball history with a can’t miss selection of San Francisco Giants World Series Champion memorabilia. Add value to your sports room or collection and commemorate your favorite 2014 World Series champs. Be sure to check out our exclusive World Series collectibles, with pieces ranging from Buster Posey signed bats to celebratory plaques featuring game-used baseballs and everywhere in between.

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