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The Chicago Blackhawks Add a Third Stanley Cup to Impressive Dynasty
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The Chicago Blackhawks Add a Third Stanley Cup to Impressive Dynasty


Whether you’re a die-hard NHL fan or a casual spectator, it’s guaranteed you at least know about the recent hockey powerhouse known as the Chicago Blackhawks. After the strange and somewhat oxymoronic occurrence of a Florida team being their opponent in the 2015 Stanley Cup, the Blackhawks took home their third championship in the past six years.

In the nail-biting 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning played an unforgettable six game series. Although Chicago took the lead quickly, winning the first game of the series in Tampa Bay, it quickly became tied with the Lightning clinching Game Two. While Chicago lost Game Three on their home rink, they bounced back to show dominance winning the next three games and the series 4-2. There are few things sweeter than winning a Championship title at home in front of your fans, and that’s just what the Blackhawks managed to do for the first time in 77 years on Game Six. With Duncan Keith scoring the first goal, the Blackhawks began to set themselves up for victory. When Patrick Kane shot one into the net in the third, Chicago could taste the victory already, but the team worked for that championship every second of the game. With this win, the Chicago Blackhawks began to hear the words “dynasty” circle around as they proudly hoisted up the shiny coveted Stanley Cup for the fans to see.


What the Blackhawks have built in the past decade is something not many Hockey teams can claim. With six Stanley Cup titles in franchise history, Chicago is tied with Boston for second most titles won by an NHL organization. Even more impressive is the turn around during the 2015 Stanley Cup series when the Blackhawks miraculously came back to win the cup in what looked like a series that the Tampa Bay Lightning was going to take with ease. But the bigger story here is the titles they continue to bring back to The Windy City since 2010. They have won three titles in the last six years (2015, 2013, and 2010); an remarkable feat for a franchise in any sport. Can sports fan truly call this the start of a dynasty or is it just luck? Can the Blackhawks make Chicago a Championship city?

After the Blackhawks brought home the Cup to Chicago, it was back to work for the champions. What makes them so strong are not just their Stanley Cup appearances or their come from behind attitude to win it all, it’s something more impressive and hard to deny. During the regular season, the Blackhawks average over 50% of score adjusted even strength shot attempts, something that consistently leaves them in the top five teams yearly, and serves as further proof of the power and skill this Chicago team has. During the 2014-2015 season alone, the Blackhawks scored 150 goals and allowed just 129 goals. This in partial to standout goalie Corey Crawford, but he alone is not carrying the team. The entire Chicago Blackhawks roster seems to have this winning thing down and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight as the team will resign at least five of their key performance players.

Considering all of Chicago’s glory in recent years, is this truly a dynasty? If it were up to the heads of the NHL, I think they would already be calling this power team the next greatest dynasty. But putting such a big title on a team could be disastrous, as has been noticed in other teams throughout sports. Could this dynasty just be luck? Could it be a similar situation to the Miami Heat’s short-lived dynasty that crumbled when players began to be traded to other teams? Perhaps it is, but only time will be able to tell. Until that time comes, Chicago will bask in the glory of being a Championship City, something it hasn’t been able to do for any other sport for quite some time. They have a powerhouse hockey dynasty in their presence and no city can take that away from them just yet.

Fanatics Authentic Game Used Memorabilia

MoGameusedbaseballAutographed sports collectibles are a great way to commemorate a beloved athlete or preserve fond sports memories, but there’s nothing quite like game used sports memorabilia to get close to your favorite athlete. These one of a kind sports collectibles are items that are used or worn during a game, allowing sports fans to bring home a piece of the action and preserve unforgettable sports moments. Game used memorabilia ranges across a variety of sports collectibles, from a jersey worn by a player in a game, a piece of equipment like a football used during an NFL game, or a hat worn by an MLB player in the outfield.

FAGameWornIn an effort to bring sports fans and collectors authentic game used collectibles that they can trust are genuine, Fanatics Authentic developed exclusive relationships with various players and professional sports teams to receive these pieces right out of play. By working directly with these teams and players, Fanatics Authentic is able to serve as a first-party authenticator for all of its game used collectibles. With a system that requires a representative to witness the use of every piece of game used memorabilia, Fanatics Authentic is able to diligently document the authenticity of each item. Whether it be on the field or in the locker room, Fanatics Authentic representatives remove each item from play to certify with its exclusive authentication hologram and a unique alpha-numeric combination. Sports fans can use this code to reference their collectibles at any time in the massive Fanatics Authentic Verification database to prove its authenticity and get background information on the item.

In addition to game used memorabilia, Fanatics Authentic offers other similar, but more affordable sports collectibles that allow fans and collectors to own their very own piece of the action. Practice-used jerseys and equipment brings fans items that touched their favorite athletes’ hands, but are at a slightly lower price because they weren’t featured in an official game. Game-issued collectibles, which are items designated to be used in play or worn during a game, like a kicking football issued for a specific game that wasn’t used, are also a great addition to any sports collection. Player issued and team issued memorabilia are also very uncommon and valuable sports collectibles that include items that were not actually used in a game but were selected for a certain player or team and may or may not feature an athlete’s name or number, in addition to the team name or logo.

On the sports memorabilia market, game used collectibles are much fewer in number than typical sports collectibles, like signed jerseys and autographed balls, which makes them even more valuable. With only a limited number of items used by players in a specific game, and even less that are sold to the public, game used memorabilia is very rare. For example, a Peyton Manning signed jersey already holds a high worth, ranging from $600-$1,200, but a Peyton Manning autographed game-used jersey values more of $10,000 to $15,000. Since buying game used collectibles is an investment that has the ability to acquire a large amount of value over time, it is vital to take every precaution to ensure that these collectibles are authentic. Therefore, purchasing game used memorabilia is an asset to any sports collection and must be done so according the tips below.

MarteGameUsedBatTips for Buying Game Used Collectibles:

  • Buy Based on Athlete – Game worn or used items from sports heroes, such as Derek Jeter, or Hall of Famers, like Joe Montana and Michael Jordan, are valued most due to their legacy.
  • Invest in Potential Breakout Players – The biggest financial returns in sports memorabilia occur when an athlete’s autograph is affordable because they have yet to break onto the professional sports scene and then drastically increases in value when that player skyrockets to fame. For example, Malcolm Butler signed collectibles weren’t nearly as valuable before his game-winning interception at Super Bowl XLIX as they are now.
  • Look for Items from a Significant Event – Items used during the Super Bowl, World Series, All-Star Game, or game in which an Athlete reached a milestone are even more valuable.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is a Necessity – Fraud is a major problem in sports memorabilia and can be an even bigger issue when shopping for game used collectibles. Therefore, documentation from a reputable authenticator is of absolute importance when purchasing game used items.
  • Choose a Reputable Retailer – Many work exclusively with athletes and teams to guarantee the authenticity of each piece with a certification system that pulls collectibles directly from play and documents its use.
  • Shop Smart – Although it may seem like common sense, game used collectibles should not look brand new or untouched and if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Get Educated – Knowing the habits of an athlete, as well as details about a player’s uniforms and equipment are simple ways to avoid being scammed. Athletes always wear a specific size in their uniform and typically have brands they represent consistently.

Super Bowl XLIX Memorabilia Collection

Butler_GWIntFebruary 1st, 2015 marked a historic championship match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots when the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona hosted Super Bowl XLIX. In a thrilling Super Bowl that had NFL fans everywhere at the edge of their seats until the very last minutes of the game, the Patriots reclaimed the throne and Tom Brady solidified his place in football history as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game and a four-time champion. As the game came down to the wire in the fourth quarter and it seems as though the Seahawks would be back-to-back champions, Patriots rookie Malcolm Butler grabbed a Russell Wilson throw out of the air for the game-winning interception and Super Bowl XLIX title.

Commemorate your Super Bowl XLIX champions and preserve NFL history by shopping the unique selection of sports memorabilia signed by all of New England’s biggest stars, including Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Malcolm Butler, Darelle Revis, and Vince Wilfork. The collection of Super Bowl XLIX memorabilia allows NFL fans and sports collectors to take home an iconic piece of Patriots memorabilia to celebrate the 2015 Super Bowl Champion forever with an assortment of signed footballs, autographed Patriots jerseys, and signed helmets in New England colors, as well as framed and unframed photos with athlete autographs and rare Super Bowl inscriptions.

Check out the features Super Bowl XLIX memorabilia below or click here to shop the full collection for New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion autographs.





GostkowskiFootball ButlerHelmetTomBradySB


The Fanatics Authentic Spotlight Collection

parkerspotlightFanatics Authentic is a pioneer in the sports memorabilia industry that prides itself on bringing sports fans and collectors the most innovative collectibles on the market. With the launch of Fanatics Authentic came an impressive product offering that boasts traditional sports collectibles, including autographed balls and signed jerseys, as well as completely unique pieces and rare game-used items. Among these new collections of sports memorabilia is the assortment of autographed Spotlight Photos.

In the selection of Spotlight Photos, Fanatics Authentic truly showcases prominent athletes from across all major leagues and every piece is officially licensed by the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL respectively. The Spotlight Photo collection features high resolution images of the greatest athletes from all professional sports in various sizes, including 8” x 10”, 11” x 14”, and 16” x 20”. Each limited edition Spotlight Photo is a true dedication to an athlete and focuses the entire piece on that one player, also allowing fans and collectors to own one of the most original sports collectibles available. As a numbered limited edition product, fans that purchase the Spotlight Photo are buying rare items that only a few will have the opportunity to own. These high-quality photos of can also be framed in durable, protective black wood to complete the ultimate display. Every Spotlight Photo, as does every piece of sports memorabilia on Fanatics Authentic, is fully certified authentic with a tamper-evident hologram sticker, which is individually numbered and can be verified in an online database.

Courtesy of Fanatics Authentic’s limited edition Spotlight Photos, sports fans can commemorate some of the biggest names in sports with truly one-of-a-kind collectibles. With exceptional photographs that highlight each player and captures their greatness in action, many of these athlete’s individual career achievements can also be celebrated forever with specially inscribed Spotlight photos. From Tony Parker to Odell Beckham Jr., the Fanatics Authentic Spotlight Photo caters to everyone with its completely original product line of sports collectibles to honor both current star athletes and icons of their sport.

Fanatics Authentic October Autograph Signings

Between the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular in Philadelphia to various private and public autograph signings, October provided for another exciting month at Fanatics Authentic. Despite hosting the first ever Fanatics Authentic show in Philadelphia in mid-October, Fanatics Authentic spent the month working with athletes from across all major professional sports to bring fans the best in autographed collectibles. In addition to reuniting the 1980’s Philadelphia Phillies World Champion team and a show lineup that featured legendary professional athletes, such as Joe Montana and Mike Tyson, Fanatics Authentic also had the pleasure of hosting autograph signings with a number of players, including Julius Thomas, Jaromir Jagr, Tony Parker, Adam Henrique, and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos below, as well as the product offering online to find featured products from each signing session.

TuomoRuuto AdamHenrique JaromírJágr JaromírJágr1 JaromírJágr2 JaromírJágr3 JonMerrill PatrickElias PatrickElias2 PatrickElias3 StephenGionta ThomasGameUsed_10.12 ThomasGameUsed2_10.12 TonyParkerSigningbumgarner

Product Feature: Chris Bosh NBA Finals Game-Used Sneakers


Courtesy of its exclusive relationships with some of the top athletes in the game, Fanatics Authentic has the capability to offer fans the most unique sports memorabilia available, including game-used collectibles. Fanatics Authentic’s new game-worn memorabilia division allows fans and sports collectors to take home the actual thrill of unforgettable plays and championship moments.

Although the 2014 NBA Finals are long over, basketball fans will never forget the epic showdown between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. In a five-game series that made NBA history, Chris Bosh played a key role in the Heat’s championship run, especially when it came to a vital push to win the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite falling short of the title, Chris Bosh and the rest of the team will be forever known as some of the greatest players ever to play in the NBA because of Miami’s incredible success. With a basketball legacy that will always remain a thrilling part of basketball history, NBA products dedicated to these athletes are iconic. In addition to the value of Miami Heat autographs, game-worn collectibles hold even more worth. These Chris Bosh game-used sneakers were worn by the Miami Heat big man, during the 2013-2014 NBA Finals series. Considering these Nike sneakers actually experienced every jump shot and rebound of the NBA Finals, Chris Bosh game-worn shoes are real treasure for all sports memorabilia collections.

boshAfter signing with the Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 Season, Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to complete the NBA’s most domineering “Big Three’ that would go on to write basketball history. Bosh went on to completely dominate the league for the next three years by leading Miami to four consecutive Eastern Conference titles and two NBA Championships in 2012 and 2013. As a two-time NBA Champion and a nine-time All-Star selection, Chris Bosh is one of the leading players of his time and his career will never be forgotten by basketball fans everywhere. Throughout the 2014 NBA Finals, in which these game-worn Chris Bosh sneakers were worn, Miami battled the Spurs for five cutthroat games and endured everything Bosh had to put on the floor. Since entering the postseason, Parker and the Spurs defeated the Mavericks, Trail Blazers, and Thunder in three exciting series of the NBA Playoffs to earn a ticket to 2014 NBA Championship for a rematch of last year’s Finals against the Miami Heat.

As the Miami Heat legend goes on to solidify his place in NBA history, Chris Bosh memorabilia adds future Hall of Fame value to any sports room or collection while serving as a fruitful investment. Not only is sports memorabilia that celebrated Bosh’s career in high demand due to his previous achievements, Chris Bosh collectibles have the potential to hold massive value if he can secure another NBA title before hanging up his jersey for the last time. Featuring Miami Heat colors and a hand-written inscription denoting the game of the NBA Finals in which each pair of Nike shoes was worn, these Chris Bosh game-used sneakers are a must-have for Miami Heat fans and sports memorabilia collectors.

Honor the remarkable Chris Bosh by shopping these rare products on the Fanatics Authentic website, here.

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