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Father’s Day Gift Guide
Top Sports Gifts for Valentine’s Day
Top 10 Sports Gifts for the Holidays

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Every year on Father’s Day, neck ties and watches are predominant and overdone, so why not show Dad how much you truly care with a unique gift this holiday? For the dad with a passion for sports, you can’t go wrong with authentic autographed sports memorabilia. Whether your father is the ultimate sports fan or a dedicated collector, you can’t go wrong this holiday by shopping our Father’s Day gift guide below for the top ten sports gifts for men.

Top Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Father’s Day:

  1. Signed Photos – Give your dad a gift that preserves all of his favorite sports moments for life by shopping autographed sports photos. You can even build a personalized Father’s Day gift with a customized frame for a signed photo to create a present that’s as meaningful as your relationship.
  2. Autographed Baseballs – A signed baseball is a classic gift to any fan of the major league. A baseball signed by your father’s all-time favorite MLB player, whether it be rising star Clayton Kershaw or the iconic Derek Jeter, is a present that Dad will always treasure.
  3. Signed Jerseys – Show dad he’ll always be number one on your team with an autographed jersey for this Father’s Day. Thank the man who cheered you on through life by giving him a sports jersey to celebrate his favorite athlete on game day.
  4. Display Cases – Preserve the everlasting relationship with your father and the quality of his most-prized sports possessions with the gift of a display case. A display case is also a thoughtful present for the father that’s already a collector and supports his hobby.
  5. Autographed Mini Helmets – Pass on buying the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, and give your father a gift he’ll actually want to show off at the office with a signed mini helmet. Autographed mini helmets are a Father’s Day gift that looks great displayed anywhere and will always bring back his most love NFL memories.
  6. Autographed Footballs – Express your loyalty to the man that always has your back by shopping for a signed football for this Father’s Day. You can’t go wrong with an autographed football in honor of one of the NFL’s top players to make Father’s Day special.
  7. Signed NFL Helmets – Whether you’re shopping for the sports fanatic or the office executive, an autographed helmet is a great gift for every dad. As an awesome display for the home or office, a dad that’s love the NFL will always think of you fondly when he sees at his signed football.
  8. Autographed Hockey Pucks – For the vivacious father with a passion for the NHL, a signed hockey puck is a gift that is sure to excite on Father’s Day. A puck with the team logo and a star player’s autograph from your dad’s favorite team will give him the gift of reliving all of hockey’s most thrilling moments this holiday.
  9. Signed Basketballs – Score big with dad on Father’s Day by giving him an autographed basketball to commemorate his favorite NBA All-Star. Purchase a ball signed by a retired sports icon, such as Michael Jordan, or current star, like league MVP Stephen Curry, for a gift that will please any father that’s an NBA fan.
  10. Autographed Trading CardsTrading cards are among the most popular sports collectibles on the market and are a timeless gift for dads with a longtime love for sports. Prove the love you have for your father is as everlasting as the career of a sports superstar, such as Peyton Manning, with a trading card signed by his biggest sports hero.

Top Sports Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day 2015 will be the best ever for a special sports fan in your life if you use our gift guide that outlines the best gift for him and top gifts for sports fans. Rather than typical Valentine’s Day gifts, like chocolate and roses, authentic sports collectibles are a truly one-of-a-kind holiday gift that a sports fan can cherish forever. By browsing the wide assortment of autographed sports merchandise for items that commemorate all of their favorite players and teams, you’re sure to find an amazing gift for your Valentine. Whether you’re shopping for the casual spectator or a die-hard fan, sports memorabilia from our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for sports fans provides unique gift ideas that will excite anyone.

Best Sports Gift for Valentine’s Day:

1. Signed Photos – Autographed sports photos capture remarkable moments from throughout an athlete’s career and allows fans to relive every amazing play forever. With images that feature the best memories in sports history, including incredible plays and championship celebrations, you can make Valentine’s Day unforgettable by giving a special sports fan a present that will truly pass the test of time. Be sure to browse the In Focus and Film Strip product lines to give the ultimate sports fan a unique gift that is the perfect dedication to their favorite athlete.

2. Autographed Baseballs – A signed baseball is a traditional piece of sports memorabilia that celebrates some of the most iconic players from all generations of America’s favorite pastime. Hit a home run on Valentine’s Day by shopping for a baseballs autographed by an MLB fan’s childhood hero, like Cal Ripken Jr. and Derek Jeter, or favorite stars, such as 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner.

3. Autographed Jerseys – There are few things closer to a sports fan’s heart than the teams they root for. With a signed jersey you can show your loyalty on Valentine’s Day by giving your love one a piece of sports memorabilia that truly honor their favorite teams and players. Don’t forget to create a present as special as your relationship by adding a customized frame to display the autographed jersey in a man cave or sports bar.

4. Display Cases – Provide your Valentine’s most prized sports collectibles protection to last a lifetime or support a collector’s beloved hobby with a display case as a gift this holiday to preserve the quality of their favorite possessions forever. A display case proves that your love will stand the test of time and is a must-have for anyone with cherished piece of sports memorabilia.

5. Signed Mini Helmets – NFL fans live for the excitement of each season and after an unforgettable year of play that named the New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs, you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a mini helmet signed by the game’s biggest stars, such as Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. Give the sports fan you love an autographed football mini helmet this holiday to bring back all of their favorite NFL moments and can be easily displayed in any office or bedroom.


Top 10 Sports Gifts for the Holidays

holidaygiftsMake the 2014 holiday season unforgettable with unique gifts that last forever and shop for authentic sports memorabilia to give that special sports fan. Signed sports collectibles are a great gift for anyone, from the casual sports enthusiast to the most die-hard fan. Sports are a huge part of life and hold a special place in every fan’s heart, so there’s no better way to excite a sports fan at the holidays quite like a piece of sports history. Skip shopping at crowded and chaotic malls for conventional presents, like electronics or clothes, and use our list of top sports gifts which features ten ideas for cool holiday gifts that can all be purchased online. Make holiday shopping simple this year with our list of best sports gifts for guys and top holiday gift ideas.

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