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Another American League and A New Superstar Emerges

Another American League and A New Superstar Emerges

MikeTroutAllStarMVP The 2015 Mid-Summer Classic, which is more commonly known as the MLB All-Star Game, lived up to its name once again on Tuesday, July 14. As home runs soared and rising MLB legends continued to write their names in baseball history, the competition proved to be quite entertaining as players put differences aside in a match-up between the National and American Leagues.

Although both teams featured a roster of the top talent in the MLB, the game escalated quickly in the American League’s favor as the ever-talented Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim sent a ball into the stands with his first plate appearance of what would prove to be an epic night. As the fourth ever leadoff homer in the top of the first in an All-Star Game, Trout made history with the first leadoff homerun in an All-Star Game in 26 years, which happened to occur three years before this All-Star was even born. Trout didn’t stop the thrilling moments there, and neither did the rest of the All-Star lineup. The American League took off with a 1-0 lead lasting into the bottom of the second, when the National League came back with a run to settle the score. Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt brought it home on an RBI single in the second for the NL,but the tie didn’t last long. The AL jumped ahead to 3-1 in the bottom of the sixth, when Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen knocked out a homer, but it was just too late. The AL continued to dominate, matching McCutchen’s run as Brain Dozier followed up by sending one flying out of the park.Throughout the night, the pitching mound made noise as Los Angeles Dodgers powerhouse Zack Greinke marked 4 strikeouts to become the second best pitcher in All-Star game history, just under 1999’s Pedro Martinez. Meanwhile, Felix Hernandez also added a 4th scoreless inning for his six All-Star Game appearances and 2014 National League Rookie of the Year Jacob DeGrom struck out three batters on just ten pitches. Despite their stellar performances, Detroit Tigers David Price got the win after throwing a scoreless 4th inning. Pitching at the All-Star Game continued to amaze all night as strike after strike was thrown, 15 total for the National League, but not enough to beat the hyper talented American League lineup. The NL fell to the AL 6-3 in an incredibly captivating All-American style game giving the American League home field advantage during the 2015 World Series.

Although the 2015 All-Star Game was filled with incredible talent all around, the man who deserves immense recognition is four time All-Star Mike Trout. Trout made history last night as the first player to win two consecutive All-Star Game MVP Awards, which puts him on par with eight Hall of Famers, including Ted Williams, but no other two-time MVPs brought home two consecutive awards nor could they do it so early on in their careers. If being named to the All-Star team four consecutive times isn’t impressive enough, Trout played a key role in four All-Star games by the age of 23 is undeniably a top talent in the league. Trout also became just the ninth player to hit for a career cycle during the All-Star Games with his first at bat each game recording a single in 2012, double in 2013, triple in 2014, and a leadoff home run in 2015. There’s no telling until next year’s All-Star match-up how far Trout’s dominance will extend, but what can be told and highly discussed is Mike Trout will quickly rise to the top of the MLB history rankings as the best position player known.

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