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2014 All-Star Game Honors Captain Clutch

2014 All-Star Game Honors Captain Clutch


The 2014 MLB All-Star Game brought out all of baseball’s elite stars and provided fans with some memories that will last forever; primarily, the last mid-summer classic that the legendary, Derek Jeter, will attend. The New York Yankees icon is on an epic farewell tour for his last season of a career that will mark the end of an era, but Jeter won’t hang up his cleats without one last clutch All-Star Game performance for his resume.

Derek Jeter enjoyed a huge standing ovation from the entire crowd and fellow players before taking the field at the All-Star Game for his last time. Jeter silenced any critics and produced one of his career best in just the first inning of the 85th MLB All-Star Game. After recording a perfect 2-for-2 and an amazing diving stop in the infield, Jeter watched the rest of the game from the dugout. To end his last All-Star event, Jeter said an emotional goodbye to the fans, as well as his teammates and opponents. Throughout his total of 14 All-Star performances, Derek Jeter will retire with a .481 batting average for the event, which is the second-highest of all-time.


Representing the Los Angeles Angels to the maximum, Mike Trout became the youngest player to win the All-Star Game MVP after his 2-fo- 3 performance that resulted in two RBIs. The Detroit Tigers were well represented at the mid-season classic, too. Two-time MVP, Miguel Cabrera, hit a home run in the first inning to put the AL ahead, and ace pitcher Max Scherzer took the win after pitching a scoreless fifth inning and striking out two batters. The American League, led by two stars at opposite ends of their career, bested the National League 5-3 for home-field advantage during the World Series.

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